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Hypoallergenic Puppies

At A Doodle Dog, one of the best parts of our business is getting to talk to potential customers. Each day, we chat with people who are interested in our puppies for sale. Adding a pet to your family is a big decision, so we are happy to answer our customers' questions and address their concerns. We believe that everyone benefits from adding the love of a dog to their family, but sadly, some people think that pet ownership is not a possibility for them. One of the most common concerns that we hear is wondering if those with allergies can have pets in their home.

Of course, we are not doctors, so we always encourage you to speak with your physician regarding medical issues. However, many customers are thrilled to find out about our hypoallergenic puppies. These dogs are specially bred to join families where allergy conditions might be present. For instance, our hypoallergenic puppies have minimal shedding, so you don't have to worry about your allergies being triggered from pet hair all over your rugs and furniture. We have found that many of these dogs do well even in households that have had to re-home previous pets because of allergy issues. Whether you or someone else in your family is dealing with allergies, we want you to know that this does not necessarily mean that you can't enjoy the fun of a furry family member.

If you want to learn more about our options of puppies for sale, you can check out our website, We keep the website updated with our latest puppies and current news. In addition, you can always stop by and meet us. We love serving our customers in Bellevue, WA, and other areas of the state, and we know that you'll quickly fall in love with our adorable puppies. We offer doodle puppies between 12 and 55 pounds and in both solid colors and multicolored. Our website always has the most current puppies for sale.

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